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Make Money Learning and Teaching About Essential Oils
How essential oils can improve your environment, mental and physical health and wellness!
How essential oils can improve your environment, mental and physical health and wellness!
Buy Essential Oils the Smart Way
How you buy essential oils can be as important as which oils you select to use. 
Buy oils only from a company that acquires them ethically and through a sustainable process.

Learn the smart way to buy essential oils:

  • Buy essential oil at wholesale prices and I ‘ll show you how to get them 55% below amazon prices
  • Take advantage of loyalty rewards
  • Earn commissions
  • Receive promotional gift products
Become a Wellness Advocate
  • Most people begin exploring essential oils for their personal use, only to quickly discover they are excited to share these beneficial products with others. 
  • You will want everybody you care about to know how easily and affordably essential oils can improve their daily life.
Wellness advocates do these things and more:
  • Learn more about healthy lifestyles
  • Inspire wellness by example
  • Enhance the lives of family and friends
  • Share with others

Benefit From Sharing

Empower a healer in every home .Keep family and friends safe. Make new friends.

Live Teaching Oils

Whether your a seasoned educator or novice our resources and tools and my guidance will launch you with ease and velocity.

Learn From Community

You will have access to a private business Facebook and WhatsApp where you can learn from our small group of Doctors and nurses and others and have all your answers to your questions.

Get Involved - Get Rewarded

Here’s the difference, I’ll show you how to turn your efforts into residual income. In other words, you choosing your own business partners and creating an “A” team will pay you while you’re sleeping! 

Great that your independent and you have sales or business experience ..... support is available daily with assignments,accountability and acknowledgment.Your not alone in this ! Were partners I’m here for you to succeed.You win we all win motto will really play out in this business model that I have come to admire . DoTERRA’S compensation and culture is like NO other I have seen .
See What People Are Saying About Essential Oils:
Thank you Roxy for educating me on natural ways to feel and look my very best, I LOVE the Doterra products, YOUR Customer Service and would confidently recommend you!
Melodee. L.
DoTERRA has totally changed my life. Thank you Roxy!! Love ya girl!!! Get on over to her page and give her a like!!
Lyndsay Iammarino
About Roxanne Kasper
In the Orlando, Florida business community, Roxanne Kasper is respected as a vibrant entrepreneur who gives, shares, leads, paves new pathways, and inspires others. As the founder and owner of two Successful spa and salon businesses, as well as being a real estate investor, property manager, and the mother of two amazing daughters, Roxanne could have easily stopped there.
About Roxanne Kasper, Founder of EOilsHealthcare.com, Windermere Spa Affair, Windermere Med Spa. Founder and owner Roxan Spa Plant Street Market Real estate investor and property manager
Certified Master Redken Haircolor Specialist 1997
Live Well & Enjoy Life
Learn how effective Doterra is as natural medicine
If your like me you see an amazing opportunity and are ready to launch! Text me between 
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Each purchase helps create jobs, builds schools and provides fresh potable water in the underdeveloped regions from where these highest quality essential oils are derived. 
 Thank you for making a difference.
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